IV Therapy

Our IV Therapy delivers nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and use by the body.
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Our IV Therapy Services


Improves energy & vitality, increases mental focus, improves stamina

Myers Cocktail

Improves immune function, reduces fatigue, combats muscle spasms and migraine headaches

Calm Drip

Promotes stress relief, helps ease mood swings, reduces inflammation, cramping & irritability

Weight Loss

Boosts your metabolism, reduces visceral fat and maintain a healthy weight, improves blood flow

Immune Boost

Enhances immune system, improves detoxification, reduces inflammation


Supports healthy hair, strong nails, collagen production, and promotes anti-aging


Helps promote lean muscle building, helps prevent tissue loss, aids with muscle recovery

Detox and Cleanse

Replenishes electrolytes, clears skin, promotes brain health, reduces inflammation & oxidative stress

Rehydration and Recovery

Eases hangover symptoms, replenishes electrolytes, promotes brain health, reduces oxidative stress

The Wellness 360 DRIP

Enhances immune system, improves detoxification, reduces inflammation, rehydration
Add Ons
Methylcobalamin (B12) - Vitamin Injections
Lipoden Skinny Injection - Vitamin Injections
NAD+ Injection - Vitamin Injections
Methionine; Inositol; Choline - IV Drip
Toradol - IV Drip
Zofran - IV Drip
Biotin - IV Drip
Glutathione Push - IV Drip

Our Wellness Bundles

360 Package

Includes skin resurfacing(face), hair removal (face), signature hydrofacial
Total Charges

Tight Sculpting

4 Sessions
Total Charges
$1100 - $3000

Hair Removal

4 Sessions
Total Charges
$150 - $1100

4D Facelift

3 Sessions
Total Charges

Active Acne

3 Sessions
Total Charges

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